Get notified about new projects, contracts, and jobs

A new way of connecting

Welcome to Cloud Gurus Direct - a platform which allows customers to invite certified professionals directly to their contracts, projects or jobs, and cloud professionals to respond directly to new customers and opportunties.

We encourage cloud professionals to get ratings on former projects as this allows customers to invite you based on what your knowledge and experience achieved for other customers.

The more ratings you receive, the more invitations you will receive as they provide immediate validation and credibility.

What makes us different?

1. We are a platform aiming to help companies with their skills shortage gap whilst promoting #diversity #inclusion and #womenintech

2. We are vendor agnostic (as most cloud professionals have skills with more than one vendor)

3. We enable both companies and contractors to build a profile and receive invitations to new opportunities

4. We laser focus on cloud services and it's technology ecosystem

5. We have a simple to use and relevant rating system that can be used on any completed project

6. You can respond to projects and request ratings alone, or in (virtual) teams from different companies, or contractors combined skills

7. We will share your posts on social media to increase chances of making a match

To share news or upcoming events or your company or product, roadmap etc, please visit our forum.