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What makes us different?

Cloud Gurus Direct is revolutionising the way that talented people meet Smart Employers©

Smart Employers © is a program from Cloud Gurus Direct where employers who embrace diversity as well as talent can find the people they are looking for. People like you.

Smart Employers © know that inclusion is more than just a statement at the bottom of a job advert. Inclusiveness needs to be an indivisible part of the way successful companies do business. And the reward? Well, Smart Employers© have that figured out too. Greater efficiency, greater innovation, greater resilience are all proven business benefits from having a richly diverse and inclusive culture.

At Cloud Gurus Direct we are turning the old models of working and finding work on their head. Smart Employers© have to earn their badge on our platform. Click the diversity box when you set up your profile and you instantly have access to the world smartest companies. We show you not just that they can talk the talk but that they are walking the walk. Each employer can display key indicators that allow you to judge how inclusive their culture really is. Links to policy, their standing in key measures such as the Equalities Index, information showing company networks for LGBTQ+ BAME, Women in Tech, and other communities, plus links to their Diversity Champions with LinkedIn and email links so that you can engage and find out more. Having got the facts, you decide how much or how little you want to tell them about the things that go beyond conventional skills and qualifications, the things that make you unique, special and valuable.

Our Smart Employers© gain on their side because they have worked out the business benefits of a truly inclusive workplace and at Cloud Gurus Direct they can find the talent they need and understand how that talent fits into their culture, making it more innovative, more resilient and more efficient.

Our commitment to matching talent with opportunity celebrates our differences in gender, race, disability, ethnicity, and origin - we don’t just welcome you, we celebrate you and we give both you and our Smart Employers© the tools you need to find one another.

The business benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace - by the numbers

  • 85% of CEOs whose organisations have a D&I strategy say it has enhanced business performance (PwC 2015)
  • 51% of employees believe diversity helps introduce staff with unique skills into the workforce (Robert Walters 2017)
  • 85% of senior executives globally agreed that diversity is so important as different perspectives drive innovation (Forbes 2011)
  • 77% CEOs D&I strategy directly has a positive effect on customer satisfaction (PwC 2015)

If you are an employer and you would like the benefits that D&I bring but just don’t know where to start or how to leverage the work the work you have done so far, we offer unrivalled support with our unique series of executives guides to the business benefits of inclusion in the workplace and a consultancy service to help you start the journey to being a Smart Employer©. Simply click here - and help is at hand.

For any questions or feedback on the site, or to discuss upcoming Diversity & Inclusion events, please visit our forum.