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1. Promote Yourself and/or your Company

Take your career to the next level whether you be a contractor, freelancer, or an employee of a VAR, MSP's, Professional Services organization, or vendor. We will promote You and/or your organization to receive new opportunities.

2. Get paid by the hour remotely, project or job

By showcasing completed projects, ratings and certifications, you increase invitations to new projects that match profile. These can be micro-contracts, projects of full-time job opportunities that you can choose to respond to.

3. Receive invitations ahead of the competition

We will proactively notify you when new projects that match your profile are posted. Invite your contacts and colleagues to join us, by doing so you're also able to apply to and collaborate on projects via Virtual Teams including your suppliers or strategic partners. Why hunt for new opportunities when they can find you.


Eliminate your skills gap remotely and with extreme flexibility

· Find validated hybrid talent · Hire by the hour or per project · Meet your diversity quotas

1. Find validated hybrid talent

Eliminate the traditional cumbersome recruitment cycle. Start a dialogue with rated certified gurus that put their reputation online. Ensure they understand the project goals. Hire individuals or *virtual teams* across multiple skillsets and vendor expertise.

2. Hire by the Hour, per Project, or full-time.

The paradigm shift in the way we work has driven a reinvention in the way you connect and hire. You now have access to a platform enabling you to hire with extreme flexibility, for just a few hours all the way up to fulltime and everything in between.

3. Meet Your Diversity quotas

At Cloud Gurus Direct we're technology pioneers but we are obsessed with #womenintech #diversity #inclusion. We celebrate the inclusion of every race, colour, religion, disability, age and status. You gain the ability to streamline your search to meet your diversity goals.